Monday, November 16, 2009

Barbie Girls (and Boys) at Mimco Launch!

The MBB crew were the life of the party at the BARBIE LOVES MIMCO launch at their Sydney store located beneath the Ivy. Indulging in champagne, cupcakes and lindt chocolate, everyone enjoyed viewing the new collection from their favourite accessories brand!
(Left to Right - Alice Burdeu, Christian Blanchard, Nigel Stanislaus, Philip Boon, Veronica Moore, Dean Drieberg & Andrea Le Sueur)

The party then re-located upstairs to the stunning Ivy where all sat in pool-side booths.
(Left to Right - Andrea Le Sueur, Veronica Moore, Dean Drieberg, Philip Boon & Nigel Stanislaus)

Not ready to call it a night, the MBB crew threw an impromptu after-party at the 72nd floor Penthouse apartment of the Meriton World Tower where they were staying for the night.

A night to remember!
(Left to Right - Andrew, Nigel, Philip, Veronica, Christian & Dean)

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