Thursday, July 28, 2011

Come on, ride the train

It's not all fashion models, exotic travel destinations and fast cars that we shoot and style around here. Yet every shoot is compelling in its own way; just add the flash of camera bulbs, a dramatic soundtrack and my marvelous Miss Bossy Boots team.

For instance our latest adventure; an epic journey to Ballarat to shoot the new campaign for V/Line:

Too much? Stay tuned for the finished results soon.

Photographer - Garry Moore
Production - Veronica Moore
Stylist - Margaret Kernich
Hair & Make Up - Narelle Hall
Assistants - Caspian and Indigo Moore
Client: Lisa Stolt and Monica Barrow at V/Line

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thinking outside of the (Bento) Box

Here we are in studio helping to create the lookbook and campaign imagery for Australian luxury (and ethical) label Bento's Autumn Winter 2012 collection. Inspired by the opera Madame Butterfly's East meets West atmosphere; designer Samantha Hardman has balanced ultra-feminine kimono hues with military styling.

Now on her third lookbook shoot for Bento, Samantha has some advice for designers when it comes to photographic shoots and putting together the right team; "I don't think designers should be that involved".

"My philosophy is that a designer is like a farmer, stylists and photographers are like the chefs - I want to see how they interpret my work."

Cue our "chefs" for the day, stylist Jordan Moore and photographer Christian Blanchard (checking out the couture below). Samantha said she chose the duo based on loving "previous work they have done together".

Model Anna gets ready for her close-up.

Jordan & designer Samantha applying a few touch-ups to look 1

Look 2 (apparently also time for a little game of 'Simon Says'...or 'Christian Says' rather).

Keep an eye out for the finished results in coming months. I'll keep you updated, but you should also check out the Bento blog for another behind the scenes look at the fashion industry.

Photography - Christian Blanchard
Styling - Jordan Moore
Model - Anna Furze
Hair & Make-up - Kate Blainey

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mimco loves Christian Blanchard

Mimco has recently released their latest collection as Sydney based photographer Christian Blanchard continues his relationship with the Australian accessories label for the new season. Christian not only shot the campaign imagery but also created a short film (in keeping with his more cinematic recent work with fashion label Trimapee) for the 'Wilderness Manifest' collection. Filmed in the woods of Castlemaine in Victoria, you can spy Christian hard at work alongside Mimco's creative director Cathryn Wills and the ever-gorgeous model Alyssa Sutherland in this behind the scenes footage of the shoot;

And voila, this is the finished product below! You can view the rest of the 'Wilderness Manifesto' campaign photography here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

UMNO magazine

Certain members of the Miss Bossy Boots team have been exceptionally busy lately. Featuring in the latest issue of UMNO magazine is this fashion shoot entitled 'Bone Dry' as shot in New York. All our stylist has to say about her work on this one is something the to the effect of "HAWT!" All I have to say about it is 'Um, Yes!'

Photography by Christian Blanchard
Styling by Jordan Moore

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jeremy Blincoe for Metal Couture

Working their way around the web are Jeremy Blincoe's photographs for Australian jewellery label Metal Couture. They've certainly caught the eye of Trend Hunter who called the series "surreally angelic and devilish" (though they could just as easily be describing little ol' me). I think Blincoe's fantastical leanings are a perfect fit for the avant garde pieces.

Read/see more by clicking here.

Metal Couture jewellery. Photography by Jeremy Blincoe.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Big Apple

I spent a semi-lazy Sunday yesterday watching stylist Jordan Moore and fashion photographer Christian Blanchard work their collective magic on Australian label Bento's upcoming lookbook and campaign. I'll let you in on a behind-the-scenes sneak peek from that shoot soon; but first I wanted to share a past project from the dynamic duo...

The following article 'Model Home' is from the very recent issue 50 of Yen magazine. Jordan and Christian visited five models in New York - Rosie Tupper, Amelia Brown, Fabienne Vanderhaeghen, Zippora Seven and Skye Strake - as they make their own way living in the Big Apple. New York, models, interiors, great snaps and styling...what's not to love?

Styling & words by the multi-talented Jordan Moore
Photography by Christian Blanchard

P.S. If anybody wants a more readable version simply email me. x MBB

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fashion Photographer Christian Blanchard scores an award

So pleased to announce that one of Miss Bossy Boot's very own, Christian Blanchard has been crowned runner up as Australian Fashion Photographer of the Year at the recent Australian Professional Photography Awards. To quote Jennifer Aniston in the forgettable yet appropriately titled flick 'Picture Perfect', you're "Number 2...and that ain't bad!"

By Christian Blanchard

And a big congratulations also to the category's winner Peter Coulson. You can check out a gallery featuring more of the awarded photographers' works by clicking here.