Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Christian Blanchard's Nikon workshop. MSFW

Christian Blanchard has been a busy bee of a photographer. Recently shooting a short film for MSFW in collaboration with Trimapee and Paul Malek titled 'Animalia' which will be up on the web soon as well as that he taught a series of 4 workshops for Nikon part of MSFW.
MBB had the pleasure of sitting in on these lectures... we now only hope we can take a snap as well as Christian does.

The Stylist Says Workshop. MSFW.

MISSBOSSYBOOTS had the pleasure of organising Philip Boon's MSFW event 'The Stylist Says Workshop' without a doubt it was a huge success with Philip giving his audience insider tips into the styling industry along with a fantastic panel including blogger Candice DeVille, actress Daniela Farinacci and legendary designer Jenny Bannister. Thanks to all who came to watch and support Philip!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Footy Boots?

Seen the recent V/Line ad - Supporting the Victorian Country Footbal League?
We put our footy boots on and ventured via the V/Line to country Victoria to shoot this ad, featuring around 40 members of the local community (the butcher, the baker, and possibly even the candlestick maker) and the local football team. Jesper had the challenge of capturing everyone in the middle of the field just before the game began... dark clouds were looming but nothing got in the way of a great shot! Check out our behind the scenes shots!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Airfreight Just Landed

Emmanuel Giraud - MBB fashion photographer has kept himself busy shooting editorials for his online magazine Tangent. Here's a little behind the scenes video of his 'Airfreight Just Landed' shoot for Tangent's 3rd issue 'Bold'. Have a look at the online mag HERE.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Whitehouse Institute Of Design | Lecture.

Today I set out into the city to assist one of our very fine stylists Philip Boon in a lecture about fashion blogging at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. Myself and Candice DeVille from Super Kawaii Mama spoke in two classes giving students an insight of the blogging world and how it can assist their careers in styling. Enjoy the pictures taken throughout the day.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spook Issue #3 | Christian Blanchard

Christian Blanchard recently shot the cover and an editorial piece for the third issue Spook Mag. To get a copy head to your nearest Borders or Magnation.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy Jesper Nielsen | Recent Work.

A very cold good morning to you all - during your daily travels we hope that you've taken a look at some of the advertising up and around town. Below you might notice a few campaigns shot by our very charming photographer Jesper Nielsen.

Knives Scar Lives - Victorian Government Initiative.

Australian Open - Metlink

Croft Shoes Campaign.

Luna Park - V Line

Minihaha Winter 2010 Campaign.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Official LMFF Live Shoot Video.

Miss Furry Boots?

Philip Boon came by the office a couple days ago showing off his freshly sourced fur... we couldn't help but try it on. Our verdict - heaven! Fear not PETA they're vintage. Can you spot the live fur? It's our office mut Dusty to the right of Andrea.

Christian Blanchard for M Mag.

Christian Blanchard recently swapped his role and stepped in front of the camera being shot for The Sunday Age as Melbourne's best dressed photographer by Rachel Wells. He's got our vote!

Friday, March 19, 2010

On Location - Melbourne Central.

Yes Ladies and Gents it was LMFF time again and we were busy with our fashion boots on not only attending the events but also preparing for our very own. Melbourne Central as a part of LMFF put on a live shoot in their shot tower square with our very own Christian Blanchard and Philip Boon shooting and styling.

Photographer - Christian Blanchard.
Stylist - Philip Boon
Hair and Make Up Director: Belinda Zollo
Producer - Dean Drieberg.
Hair and Make Up Team: Blonde Gamon, Ellinda Corbisiero, Lou McLaren, Tessa Purcell and Zoe Karlis
Photographic Assistants - Vien Tran and Andrew Gough.
Stylist Assistant - Tara Ramsey and Alysha

Ben Handberg & Olivia Donati from AMPR

Tess O'Connell
Jessica White

Billie Wilson-Coffey and Chiara Boardman from NICA

Lighting - Damien Calvert
Set Designer - Daniel Burger

Blair and Emily from Giant
Christina and James from Chadwicks

DJ -
Samantha Cooke

MC -
Hayley Pearson from NOVA fm


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mimco Evolves -Utopia style.

With a new year comes a new season - we put on our production boots and stepped into a utopian future with Mimco.
Evolution Utopia was the theme for season 1 2010 representing an apocalyptic future, using Hannah Glasby and Ajak as models who worked incredibly side by side with Christian Blanchard, Nigel Stanislaus and Sarah Laidlaw. Shots are up now on Mimco's website now as well as the BTS video which can also be viewed below along with photos.

Photographer - Christian Blanchard.
Make Up Artist - Nigel Stanislaus.
Hair - Sarah Laidlaw.
Producer - Dean Drieberg.
Production Assistant - Ainsley McCabe.
Photographic Assistants - Andrew Gough, Ben McPhee and Jason Henley.

Creative Director - Cathryn Wills.
VM Marketing Manager - Jeremy Taylor.
VM Assistant - Rebecca Talarico.

Aaron Bickford.

Hannah @ Viviens.
Ajak @ FRM.

Best Years Of Our Lives - Bronek Kozka.

Bronek Kozka who has been a fantastic edition to our books had an exhibition not to long ago showcasing his work. We put our boots on and headed down to Shifted in Richmond to support him. It was a fantastic turn out. Enjoy the photos below.