Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Melbourne Central Two Blocks Live Fashion Shoot.

So what's an average Saturday morning for you? Perhaps you crawl out of bed at 12? Turn the kettle on stay in your PJs watching TV soap re-runs?
Well that wasn't the case for the MBB crew. No, we got up nice and early, headed down to Melbourne Central to set up for the Two Blocks Festival Live Fashion shoot.

A morning coffee soon followed by meeting Narelle Hall and Philip Boon to help set up the hair and make up and clothing. Amelia and Miles from FashionTV interviewed the duo so keep your eye out in the next few weeks if you have Foxtel. They then later moved on to preparing the models for their first live shoot.

As Christian Blanchard and Vien Thee were setting up, there was already a curious crowd building, soon followed by a larger crowd as myself, Philip and Narelle headed down with the two stunning models Philippa and Boki from Viviens.

The crowd was in awe as they were experiencing a real fashion shoot at it's best. MBB would like to thank everyone who came and supported us. Enjoy these photos taken on the day.

Christian Blanchard

Philip being filmed by FTV.

Philip Boon dressing Philippa.

Vien Thee.

We got a lovely visit from Miss Sarah Willcocks from Style Melbourne.

Narelle Hall.

Philippa from Viviens.

Boki from Viviens.

MBB Crew-
Photographer: Christian Blanchard.
Producer: Dean Drieberg.
Production Assistant: Jamie Wdziekonski
Stylist: Philip Boon.
Hair And MakeUp: Narelle Hall.
Photographic Assistant: Vien Thee.

Agency - AMPR-
Ben Handberg
Brooke Shell
Jannah Flockhart

Client - Melbourne Central-
Jessica White
Tess O'Connell

Models- Viviens-
Boki And Philippa.

FashionTV -
Amelia and Miles.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bored This Weekend?

No Of course you won't be...
Why I hear you ask?
Well because you'll be joining myself and the MBB crew down at Melbourne Central for a live photo shoot, Okay? Good. Yes that's right, once upon a time this was an exclusive scene but now thanks to Melbourne Central's Two Blocks Festival we're putting it all out into the public. Come see our fantastic fashion creative's here at MBB hard at work - Photographing the campaign will be Christian Blanchard who recently shot the latest Mimco campaign with Alice Burdeu and just came back from WA on a Nobody Denim shoot. Philip Boon celebrity stylist will be dressing the models on the day you might have seen him this year on Australia's Next Top Model and the lovely Narelle Hall will be in charge of the eyes and hair making the models from Viviens look no less than stunning.

The shoot kicks off this Saturday (25th of July) at 3pm so get there early to get a good view. It will go on till about 4pm.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jesper's Jetstar Adventure.

Jesper Nielsen recently travelled to Asia with Chris Dewey from 'The Big Red Communications Group' to shoot the new campaign for JetstarAsia shooting in Bali, Hong Kong and Singapore.
They followed Singapore TV Stars/Actresses Johanne Peh and Johanne Marie Sim. 9 days.
MISSBOSSYBOOTS was very jealous to see exactly what locations Jesper was shooting.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Garry Moore and Nintendo - The Sequel.

Yes I did mention Garry Moore has been extremely busy this week. This time he's been shooting for Nintendo DSi. This has been the second time he's shot for Nintendo and it's always a pleasure working with previous clients.
Seven days of shooting I'm sure Garry was pleased to kick off his boots and have a go at the DSi. Keep your eye out for the shots.

Garry Moore, Kath Caroll and Lauren Doolan

Veronica Moore, Philip Boon and Narelle Hall.

MBB Crew-
Photographer: Garry Moore.
Producer: Veronica Moore.
Stylist: Philip Boon.
Hair And MakeUp: Narelle Hall.
Assistants: Tom Hutton and Caspian Moore.

Agency - Leo Burnett (MELB)-
Art Director: Lauren Doolan.
Account Service: Brent Kerby and Susan Foley.
Print Producer: Gary Arnas.

Client - Nintendo-
Brand Manager: Kath Caroll.
Marketing Director: Greg Athurton.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Garry Moore 'On The Up'.

Garry Moore has had an incredibly busy week, with a different shoot every day his willpower was definitely put to the test. This shoot was for Cricket Australia styled by Margaret and hair and make up provided by Narelle. We were all very pleased with the outcome.
Enjoy the BTS shots.

MBB Crew-
Photographer: Garry Moore.
Producer: Andrea Le Sueur.
Stylist: Margaret Kernich.
Hair And MakeUp: Narelle Hall.
Assistant: Tess Everett.

Agency - Leo Burnett (MELB)-
Art Director: Lauren Doolan.
Account Manager: Nathan Kent

What a Delirium!

Souvenir Delirium that is... with another season quickly approaching Mimco once again called in the MBB crew to produce and shoot their latest campaign. The set inspired by the art installation of 'Cildo Meireles' consisted of 50 goldfish, 200 clocks and 1000 numbers scattered across the floor, Oh and gorgeous model and winner of Australia's Next Top Model - Alice Burdeu.

A cold start to the day everyone was buzzing on coffee excited for the shoot. From laying out accessories and setting up the lighting to making coffees and taking behind the scenes shot for this blog, everyone was busy from the get go.

Christian Blanchard shot a total of 6 images - to be displayed on the Mimco website and in stores along with the behind the scenes video.


Jeremy Taylor and Cathryn Wills.

Nigel Stanislaus. Head Make Up Artist for Maybelline New York.

Christian Blanchard hard at work.

Photographer - Christian Blanchard.
Hair And Make Up Artist - Nigel Stanislaus.
Producer - Dean Drieberg.
Production Assistant - Jamie Wdziekonski.
Photographic Assistants - Vien Tran, Lucas Wheat, Matt Ware and Mario Fuentealba.

Creative Director - Cathryn Wills.
VM Marketing Manager - Jeremy Taylor.
VM Team - Allison Kay & Theresa Kerr.

Aaron Bickford.

Alice Burdeu.