Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gracie graces Mimco!

Mimco's Spring Racing Muse is none other than Gracie Otto - currently wowing critics for her break-out performance in the feature film THREE BLIND MICE!

This latest campaign features the "It Girl" in 10 vintage outfits accompanied by the latest Mimco Spring Racing accessories, true to the iconic brand's unique and some times quirky style!

Christian Blanchard has again worked his magic on the images, a task made even more enjoyable by having a familiar friend as his subject!

Look out for Gracie's whimsical images at Mimco store near you! In the meantime, check out our behind the scenes shots!

Photographer - Christian Blanchard.
Hair And Make Up Artist - Sina Velke.
Producer - Dean Drieberg.
Production Assistant - Jamie Wdziekonski.
Photographic Assistants - Vien Tran and Mario Fuentealba.

Creative Director - Cathryn Wills.
National VM Marketing Manager - Jeremy Taylor.


Hot on the heels of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week...

MBB had a very strong presence at this years Perth Fashion Festival! Christian Blanchard, Philip Boon and Dean (who have all lived in Perth at some stage) attended every event on the Festival calendar and were seen making friends with Perth's Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi and various other Perth socialites (aka "Perthonalities").

Christian shot the campaign for this year's Festival and his images were seen all over Perth during the festival winning him much praise. Philip was flown to Perth to speak at the Master Class, making it truly an entertaining event!

The MBB boys finished off the week by attending the Mercedes WA Fashion Awards, which featured an exhibition of Perth photographers, prominently featuring Christian Blanchard's work.

All are now being dubbed "Perthonlities" themselves!

Christian Blanchard and Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi

Philip Boon on stage at the Master Class.

Christian Blanchard, Dean Drieberg and Blanchard's BFF Writer Jimmy Jack at the Mercedes WA Fashion Awards.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Last week the fashion creatives at MBB took out their best threads from the closet, dressed up and headed into Melbourne for MSFW. First on the agenda was the opening of 'The Spirit Of The Black Dress' exhibition that Christian Blanchard shot, that later progressed to the Madam Virtue Fashion Show which was styled by Philip Boon. If you look to the left of the first image below you'll see the lovely Veronica Moore.

Below you will also see images of MBB folk at the 'I HEART Flamingo Sands' pool party launch. I joined Christian, Narelle, Philip and Dean along with very lovely bloggers Bryanboy, Matt from Imelda and Helen from Sassybella, all very lovely people. Our fabulous stylist Philip Boon had taken famous blogger 'Bryanboy' up down and around Melbourne showing off our diverse fashion culture.

So yes it was a very busy week. Very fun indeed.

Bye for now.

Dean Drieberg, Myself and Vien Thee

Dean Drieberg, Narelle Hall and Christian Blanchard.

Philip Boon, Dean Drieberg, Bryanboy, Matt from Imelda and Helen from Sassybella.

Myself snapped by Hayley from Melbourne Street Fashion.

Philip snapped by Hayley from Melbourne Street Fashion.

Dean snapped by Hayley from Melbourne Street Fashion.

Philip Boon and Bryanboy.

Photos from:

MSFW 'Spirit Of The Black Dress'.

Christian Blanchard has been quite busy these past few weeks shooting for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week's 'Spirit Of The Black Dress'. 'Spirit Of The Black Dress' promotes emerging talent and brings attention to the creativity of Melbourne's designers.

MISSBOSSYBOOTS joined Christian on Monday night at the opening gala where we saw Kerry Lennon who worked with us at MBB in Sydney, Jeremy Taylor from Mimco, Ben Handberg from AMPR and many others.

If you're yet to see this exhibit we highly suggest you do so as it's really a really good exhibit with amazing dresses complimented by Christians intricate photography.

Georges, 162 Collins St, Melbourne

Exhibition runs 1-6 September, 10am-8pm daily

How much:

Christian Blanchard shooting.

Group shot.

Joe Saba and Christian Blanchard.

Kerry Lennon and Veronica Moore.

Dean Drieberg, Myself and Vien Thee.

Tangent Mag Launch.

Many new creatives have been taken in under the MBB wing, one of them, Emmanuel Giraud (pictured below) just so happens to be the director of the new fashion magazine that is Tangent Mag. They recently had a launch up in Q Bar and spotted there were two cheeky looking men - non other than Christian Blanchard and Nigel Stanislaus.

Emmaunel Giraud.

Left to Right - Christian Blanchard, Emmanuel Giraud and Nigel Stanislaus.