Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jim Beam and the Beast.

No this isn't a scene from Beauty and the Beast, this was in fact a shoot Garry Moore has done for Jim Beam. We added a pinch of "beast-like man" a drop of facial hair and a half cup of "life of the party" and voila... we've brewed up a brilliant campaign. Enjoy these behind the scenes shots.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A day in the life of a Bossy Booter.

For everyone who's ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors and how we exactly boss.. look no further! I've documented my day that was the 4th of March... Enjoy!

5:00 am: My alarm rings. Was I tired you ask? Indeed I was but it's nothing that a good cup of coffee can't fix right?

5:05 am: I turn my hair straightener on and bring out the curling enhancer.
Today I'm Flying out to Sydney where I'll meet Dean, what's on the agenda I hear?
Well.. we have a couple of go-sees to get to and then head to an exhibition.

8:00 am: Coffee cup number 2 at Melbourne airport and yes people were looking at me funny for photographing my cup... or for wearing a scarf that is also a hood.

9:30 am: "Welcome to Sydney on flight DJ821 we hope you enjoy your stay"
So here I am on my way to the Sydney office to meet Dean. 

'Working hard or hardly working?' Of course we were working hard what kind of a question is that? 

11:00 am: With the humidity making my mouth quite dry and my stomach rumbling like the the turbulence on the plane, I stepped out bought myself Emma and Toms Orange + Mandarin juice, Blood orange Juice, Banana bread and a healthy dose of fashion magazine.

12:00 pm: On our way to a go-see...

... Dean and I spotted a very familiar campaign.

Whilst waiting for a taxi I played the role of a tourist and took a photo with Dean close by to the Opera house.

On our way back to the office we saw another ad shot by our lovely photographer Jesper Nielsen.

6:00 pm: By this stage of the day we went to visit our photographer Amelia Soegijono in her exhibition that is at the Somedays Gallery in Surry Hills open till the end of this month.

From Left to Right: Yours truly, Steven, Anna, Dean & Amelia.

How could we go to an exhibition and not take a quick snap with our amazing hair and make up artist Nigel Stanislaus.

Nigel brought along his good friends from Granada Productions.

The turn out was amazing... we're all very proud of Amelia.

8:30 pm: After a long yet very rewarding day I was on my way to Sydney Airport for my flight back to Melbourne.

10:45 pm: "Ladies hahaha and Gentlemen we'd like to welcome you hahaha *pause* to Melbourne, for those who live here hahahaha its a warm welcome home and those *pause* on a visit we hope you enjoy your stay"
Thanks a lot, I'm guessing there was a funny joke floating around before the flight attendant made the announcement. 

11:40 am: I kick off my bossy boots and I head for a shower.

12:04 am: Yes I'm a good boy I take 3 Minute showers, I brush my teeth without the tap running and I wear Australian made clothes to show our economy a little love.
Goodnight everyone hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

So Long.. Farewell Gina. (not too long though)

Friday the 27th of February was the day we fare-welled Gina (our much loved accounts lady) and wished her the best of luck as she embarks on a journey into motherhood. The rest of the Bossy's will have to get used to not hearing 80's songs sung during random times of the day, not drinking 99% fat free chocolate frappes and not receiving the weekly Aldi newsletter. Even though she'll be away for a short time she will be dearly missed!