Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Melbourne Central Two Blocks Live Fashion Shoot.

So what's an average Saturday morning for you? Perhaps you crawl out of bed at 12? Turn the kettle on stay in your PJs watching TV soap re-runs?
Well that wasn't the case for the MBB crew. No, we got up nice and early, headed down to Melbourne Central to set up for the Two Blocks Festival Live Fashion shoot.

A morning coffee soon followed by meeting Narelle Hall and Philip Boon to help set up the hair and make up and clothing. Amelia and Miles from FashionTV interviewed the duo so keep your eye out in the next few weeks if you have Foxtel. They then later moved on to preparing the models for their first live shoot.

As Christian Blanchard and Vien Thee were setting up, there was already a curious crowd building, soon followed by a larger crowd as myself, Philip and Narelle headed down with the two stunning models Philippa and Boki from Viviens.

The crowd was in awe as they were experiencing a real fashion shoot at it's best. MBB would like to thank everyone who came and supported us. Enjoy these photos taken on the day.

Christian Blanchard

Philip being filmed by FTV.

Philip Boon dressing Philippa.

Vien Thee.

We got a lovely visit from Miss Sarah Willcocks from Style Melbourne.

Narelle Hall.

Philippa from Viviens.

Boki from Viviens.

MBB Crew-
Photographer: Christian Blanchard.
Producer: Dean Drieberg.
Production Assistant: Jamie Wdziekonski
Stylist: Philip Boon.
Hair And MakeUp: Narelle Hall.
Photographic Assistant: Vien Thee.

Agency - AMPR-
Ben Handberg
Brooke Shell
Jannah Flockhart

Client - Melbourne Central-
Jessica White
Tess O'Connell

Models- Viviens-
Boki And Philippa.

FashionTV -
Amelia and Miles.

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