Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Garry Moore and Nintendo - The Sequel.

Yes I did mention Garry Moore has been extremely busy this week. This time he's been shooting for Nintendo DSi. This has been the second time he's shot for Nintendo and it's always a pleasure working with previous clients.
Seven days of shooting I'm sure Garry was pleased to kick off his boots and have a go at the DSi. Keep your eye out for the shots.

Garry Moore, Kath Caroll and Lauren Doolan

Veronica Moore, Philip Boon and Narelle Hall.

MBB Crew-
Photographer: Garry Moore.
Producer: Veronica Moore.
Stylist: Philip Boon.
Hair And MakeUp: Narelle Hall.
Assistants: Tom Hutton and Caspian Moore.

Agency - Leo Burnett (MELB)-
Art Director: Lauren Doolan.
Account Service: Brent Kerby and Susan Foley.
Print Producer: Gary Arnas.

Client - Nintendo-
Brand Manager: Kath Caroll.
Marketing Director: Greg Athurton.

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