Monday, November 2, 2009

Lindemans Wine.

Arriving to the MBB office I was quite shocked to see the studio downstairs had been transformed into a field of flowers and grass. For fun? Of course not, Garry Moore has had the pleasure of shooting for 'Lindemans' Wine.

We called in the expertise of Margaret Kernich to source grass and flowers for us recreating the perfect field from scratch. The shoot turned out to be a massive success with the client and agency staff pleased. The only hangover feeling left that week wasn't due to the wine but the thought process of how to clean up the mess.

MBB Crew-
Photographer: Garry Moore.
Producer: Andrea Le Sueur.
Stylist: Margaret Kernich.
Assistants: Daniel Tan and Katie Farrell.

Agency: Badjar Ogilvy-
Account Managers: Jordana Bloom and Sally Wilson.
Art Director: Sarah Vincenzini.
Copy Writer: Isla Kirby.

Client: Fosters Crew-
Brand Manager: Andra Gough.
Brand Assistant: Audrey Green.
Global Brand Manager: Oliver Horn.

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