Monday, August 22, 2011

The Stylist Says: A Philip Boon Premiere

There's a new fashion industry-only showcase in town. Next weekend Premiere will arrive for the first time in Melbourne as a chance for the industry to discover selected high-end and boutique international and Australian brands and labels.

Naturally, since it has to do with the very serious business of fashion, Miss Bossy Boots will be there! Stylist Philip Boon will be holding "The Stylist Says" lunchtime sessions at 1pm every day of the event (Sunday 28th to Tuesday 30th August 2011). Here, in an intimate, he will welcome questions, discuss and share tips, secrets, his history of personal, campaign and commercial styling and what has made him one of Australia's premier stylists for decades.

You can register to attend Premiere and see Philip Boon for free by clicking here.

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